For €25 (1 hour). I will come to your house or join you on a picnic, and set up a portable studio. Invite all your friends round and make a party. I will shoot as many pictures as you want for the 1 hour duration. Then you will be able to download images from our website, first 8 images are included in your price. The images will be hi res and no copyrights, so you can print what you want from them, you will have between 200 to 500 images to choose from. If you want any prints, we can do this too; ask for a price list for enlargements etc. Ideal for engagements, Holy Communion, baptism, meetings, birthdays etc.

For an extra €20 we can do some video too, and we do you a HD DVD slide show, with music, video and images. You can watch this DVD on TV in Hd. Email us your details to see a sample.




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