We love Weddings, meet new people, filming and taking photos of the love between each other, and we are very pleased to be able to do this for a living! We are Joe Caruana and Barbara,  Barbara is from Hungary and Joe is from Malta, but lived in UK for around 25 years.
We love to film and photograph your wedding in reportage style, so the final movie or image is always very natural, we never force poses. After all its your wedding day and not a photo shoot. Our wish is that when we film and photograph you're wedding, you feel the very emotions of that special day! So if you get pleasure from the preparations etc, We will be with you at the hotel or at home until the end of the wedding.


Our style of wedding film and photography is all about the storytelling and visual flair, capturing all those little moments and details, which represent the uniqueness of your wedding day. Rather than create a generic wedding video or image, we craft your wedding day into an emotional story focusing on how the two of you came to say “I do”. We roughly take around 2000 images at a wedding and 95% of the images are photojournalistic style, capturing all those magic moments, and the other 5% is your traditional group shoots. We been doing this over 20 years in the UK.
In the UK we done weddings in Bristol, Cardiff, London and Kent.
In 2011 we moved our business to Malta.